NHS diabetes care still not diagnosing accurately

Diabetes is a difficult condition to diagnose, and concerns exist in the UK that National Health Service diabetes care is failing to accurately diagnose the condition. Leading UK diabetes charity, Diabetes UK, claim that as many as half a million people in the UK could have diabetes and not know about it.
The head of policy at Diabetes UK, Bridget Turner, reportedly commented: “Only 57 per cent of primary care trusts have any sort of programme in place to raise awareness of diabetes or pick up risk factors associated with it. It can go undetected for years. Middle-aged Asian women are at high risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease and are probably not getting enough exercise.”
She reportedly continued: “The national service framework for diabetes [published in 2003] is a visionary document with lots of targets and aspirations, but the mechanisms for the delivery of care are not in place at PCT level.”

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