New diabetes DVD for education

Leading UK diabetes charity Diabetes UK is all set to launch a fresh new DVD that could help people with type 2 diabetes and learning difficulties to better understand their diabetes .
To make the launch possible, the charity has linked up with Speakup. Speakup are an advocacy charity for people with learning difficulties who encourage self-help. The DVD will be entitled: “Diabetes – Living a Healthier Life.”
The proposed contents of the DVD will include clear explanation of what type 2 diabetes is, how it is best prevented, how to manage the condition and the ways in which a healthy diet and regular exercise can help.
The Equality and Diversity Manager of Diabetes UK, Jenne Dixit, reportedly commented: “Information for people with learning disabilities and diabetes has been very much lacking and this will go a long way to change that. We hope that this resource will help raise awareness of Type 2 diabetes and support the management of diabetes in a community that is at risk of developing the condition but faces inequalities to accessing care.”

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