Obese cows prone to developing diabetes

According to researchers at Liverpool University, cows who are obese could be prone to developing a bovine form of type 2 diabetes . According to Dai Grove-White from the university, bovine diabetes is a genuine problem.
He reportedly commented: “Obesity is a real issue in dairy cows. Fat cows will have decreased dry matter intakes in the dry period and early lactation and increased weight loss in early lactatio, making them more prone to fatty liver syndrome. In the long term they will also have reduced milk yields. Research suggests a lot of the processes involved in fatty liver are similar to type two diabetes in humans. We are getting to a stage where ‘bovine type two diabetes’ is a real problem.
According to the researcher, the issue is particularly acute amongst cows with visceral fat – that is, fat that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Mr. Grove-White reportedly pointed out: “In humans, high levels of visceral fat in the abdomen is a real sign of diabetes .”

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