Diabetes risk due to intake of eggs

According to recent research, people that eat eggs for breakfast every day could face a greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes . A study of some 57,000 adults in the US found that those that ate eggs were between 58-77 per cent more likely than those who did not eat eggs to develop type 2 diabetes .
The research was published in Diabetes Care, but researchers were clear to draw a line between egg consumption and diabetes development . Cutting out eggs from your diet is not the answer. Lead researcher Dr. Djousse, of Harvard Medical School in Bosto, was reported as commenting: “Based on the current data, our recommendations would be to consume eggs in moderation and not to exceed six eggs per week.”
Djousse pointed out that focusing on overall health by maintaining a stable weight, taking regular exercise and eating a balanced diet were the keys to avoiding diabetes development .

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