Tattoos to control diabetes

According to recent diabetes news, an American research laboratory is attempting to develop a special type of tattoo ink that could help people with diabetes to manage their condition. The special ink could change colour based on the glucose levels within the body.
The nanotechnology researchers involved in the project indicate that the injectable tattoo ink could help prevent diabetics from having to use painful blood glucose tests.
One Draper Laboratories scientist, Heather Clark, reportedly commented: “It doesn’t have to be a large, over-the-shoulder kind of tattoo. It would only have to be a few millimeters in size and wouldn’t have to go as deep as a normal tattoo. At first I didn’t even think it was possible.”
Nano ink particles are beyond microscopic, just 120 nanometers across. They contain three separate parts – glucose detection molecule, a dye and a molecule that mimics glucose. Hopefully the research will play some role in the future of diabetes treatment .

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