Diabetes program calls for healthy eating in Hispanic community

A new diabetes program in America is trying to influence the Hispanic community to encourage healthy eating . The campaign, launched by the National Diabetes Education Program, is aimed to target Hispanic people with diabetes, their families and health care workers.
Entitled: “Más que comida, es vida” (“It’s more than food, it’s life”), the program has been planned in detail for the last three years. The acting deputy director of NDEP, Betsy Rodriguez, reportedly commented:
“The whole purpose of the campaign is to help dispel the misunderstandings about healthy eating and to teach ‘Hispano-Latinos’ how to adopt a tasty, but nutritional meal plan, while maintaining the cultural uniqueness of our food.”
She reportedly continued: “Everyone is making resolutions about the way they eat and lose weight, and things like that. We’re going to take that opportunity.”

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