Diabetes care not consistent

According to the BBC Eye on Wales programmen, diabetes care in the country is patchy and sporadic. Just 2 per cent of people with diabetes are going to classes to help manage their condition, the programme found.
Since 2003, a national diabetes framework has been in place to provide people with diabetes with a structure education program. The concentration of these services are reportedly patchy, and needed to be given greater priority.
Diabetes UK Cymru went on record by saying that inactivity could cause a major catastrophe. Around 5 per cent of the population of Wales have diabetes, according to the report. Dai Williams of Diabetes UK Cymru reportedly commented:
“To not do anything is a false economy. It’s going to lead to a catastrophe within the population. A small amount of money spent on structured education, we would save ourselves a fortune in Wales and spend the money where it’s really needed.”

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