New diabetes screening test could be more reliable

A new diabetes test that measures average level of blood glucose control over a two or three month period preceding the test could be a more efficient diagnostic tool for people suspected of having diabetes .
Known as the A1C assay, the test has been recommended by a team of international diabetes experts who presented the idea at the American Diabetes Association 69th Scientific Sessions. The ADA said that the report could change diabetes diagnosis .

The test is already used to determine how well patients control diabetes . Dr. David Natha, the director of the Diabetes Center at Massachusetts General Hospital and chairman of the committee, reportedly commented: “This committee that I chaired is recommending that this be used as widely as possible to diagnose diabetes instead of the blood sugar test.”
Richard Kahn of the ADA was cited as saying: “Basically, the American Diabetes Association supports the concept, supports the use of the A1C to diagnose diabetes, and just has to look at the implications of it, and the implementation of it.”

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