Strict diabetes control lowers heart attack risk

According to recent UK research, those people with diabetes that take strict control over their blood glucose levels could lower the risk of both heart attack and cardiovascular diseases.
The news follows conflicting reports about the value of lowering blood glucose levels amongst diabetics in relation to heart disease and heart attacks. It has been suggested the significantly cutting blood sugar could even be harmful.
University of Cambridge expert Dr. Kausik Ray, reportedly commented: “We show that if you lower glucose measures by something called HbA1c by 0.9 percent over five years, you reduce heart attacks by 17 percent and fatal and nonfatal heart attacks by 15 percent. There is no excess risk of death in contrast to earlier claims . There have been claims recently by doctors that lowering glucose to less than 7 percent could be harmful. We disprove that in the largest study to date.”
He reportedly concluded: “Better control of blood sugars reduces risk of heart attacks and heart disease. Treatment should be tailored to individual needs, however.”

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