Walnuts and diabetes

Nuts are well known as a healthy part of a balanced diet . However, walnuts in particular could be useful for helping to keep type 2 diabetes under control. A research team headed up by Linda Tapsell found out just how important walnuts could be.
Experts at the Smart Foods Centre, University of Woolongong examined fifty overweight adults with diabetes who treated their condition without insulin . Professor Tapsell reportedly commented: “Eating low fat is good but this study shows that including key foods that deliver the right type of fat – in this case walnuts – is also important.”
She reportedly continued: “As whole foods, the walnuts also delivered fibre vitamin E and other components with anti-oxidant activity. The walnut group also showed improvements in insulin levels and this may have been due to the presence of good fats in the diet.”
Findings of the study were published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition .

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