Alcohol linked to lower diabetes risk

According to diabetes research, consuming moderate amounts of alcohol could be linked to a lower risk of diabetes, as well as lower levels of insulin secretion amongst patients taking metformin or trying to control their diabetes using diet and exercise .
Jill Crandall of the Einstein College of Medicine in New York was reported as commenting: “Moderate alcohol consumption is associated with a decreased risk of Type 2 diabetes in the general population, but little is known about the effects in individuals at high risk of diabetes …. The objectives were to determine associations between alcohol consumption and diabetes risk factors and whether alcohol consumption was a predictor of incident diabetes in individuals enrolled in the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP).”
The authors of the study reported wrote: “Despite overall low rates of alcohol consumptio, there was a reduced risk of incident diabetes in those who reported modest daily alcohol intake and were assigned to metformin or lifestyle modification. Moderate daily alcohol intake is associated with lower insulin secretion — an effect that warrants further investigation.”

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