DVD to raise awareness of diabetes amongst South Asian UK population

Leading UK diabetes charity Diabetes UK has launched a new DVD to help raise awareness of how serious type 2 diabetes has become amongst the South Asian community in the UK.
The short film is entitled Meethi Baatei, which translates as ‘Sweet Talk’ and is designed to highlight the risk factors and complications of type 2 diabetes – both in English and in Hindi.

Jenne Dixit, the Equality and Diversity Manager at Diabetes UK, was reported in diabetes news as commenting: “People from South Asian communities are up to six times more likely to have diabetes than the white population living in the UK, and South Asians who develop diabetes are three times more likely to have heart disease and four times more likely to have kidney failure . We hope this DVD will help raise awareness of Type 2 diabetes and support the management of diabetes in a community that is at high risk of developing the condition.”

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