Testosterone patch to beat diabetes

Tue, 06 Apr 2010
According to diabetes news, testosterone could have a role to play in beating type 2 diabetes . For many diabetics who cannot manage their condition with diet and exercise, some are being offered the male hormone testosterone as a radical new treatment, as an alternative to diabetes drugs like metformin .

New research suggests that testosterone could improve the symptoms of diabetes, a condition that affects millions of people in the UK. Last year, researchers at Barnsley Hospital found that 40 per cent of men with type 2 diabetes had low testosterone levels. The exact link between testosterone and diabetes isn't clear, but low testosterone is known to increase levels of visceral fat, and testosterone replacement could help. One side effect is better libido.

Dr. David Edwards, and Oxford GP, was reported as commenting: 'Usually men only get given testosterone if they complain of erectile dysfunction and they haven't responded to a pill like Viagra. But supplementing with testosterone is no longer a matter of giving a sexual boost; low testosterone is a preventable risk that needs to be treated.'
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