According to diabetes news, a new diabetes alarm could save lives. A news report in the Daily Mail highlighted sensor-controlled insulin pump user Angela Wise. The insulin pump detects dangerously low levels of blood glucose, and sets off a loud alarm.
Angela has had type 1 diabetes since she was 18 years old, and had a diabetic coma following a walk. She reportedly said: ‘My husband Dennis and I had been out walking. I sat down for a cup of tea and fell asleep, not realising I was falling into a diabetic coma. Luckily the alarm sounded and the pump automatically switched itself off. My husband rushed to help. The alarm almost deafened him, but I didn’t remember anything.’
Diabetic coma is a seriously dangerous diabetes complication, and this new insulin pump technology helps to prevent that risk. In some cases, diabetic coma occurs with little or no symptoms . Angela reportedly continued: ‘If I’d been on my ow, the alarm is so loud it would have attracted someone’s attention and they would have seen the message on my monitor telling them to call 999. Pumps like this make diabetes control easier. I was on injections for more than 20 years, but they were embarrassing and inconvenient.’ Angela’s pump was the Paradigm Veo.

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