Diabetes drug study positive according to Sanofi

Diabetes drug company Sanofi-Aventis has made it clear that a final-stage study on its new type 2 diabetes drug has proved successful. The Phase III clinical trial results indicate that the drug, lixisentide, improve glycaemic control amongst patients with type 2 diabetes . The drug also reduces glucose in blood cells.
The drug will be part of the new diabetes drug class of GLP-1 inhibitors . Rivals in the class include Amylin, Byetta and Victoza . Some analysts claim that the drug is late to the field, but this remains to be seen.
The drug represents an attempt to broaden its diabetes offering, which currently includes blockbuster insulin Lantus . The new Sanofi diabetes division are trying to make the company more competitive in the fight against the disease. Marc Cluzel of Sanofi reportedly commented: “Developing new diabetes treatments, like lixisenatide, and helping patients achieve diabetes control is paramount to tackling the growing diabetes epidemic .”

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