Warning about deadline for change from diabetes drug, Mixtard

A warning has been issued to those patients that are still taking the insulin Mixtard 30 to treat their diabetes to ensure they have moved to an alternative by the end of the year. With manufacturer Novo Nordisk deciding to withdraw the drug by December 31, 2010, time is running out for those still taking the treatment.
Novo Nordisk decided earlier this year to take the drug off the market as part of plans to withdraw all types of human insulin, which has caused problems for the estimated 90,000 diabetics who previously used the treatment.
Barbara Young, chief executive of the charity Diabetes UK, commented “There are several other similar insulin treatments available and both Novo Nordisk and Diabetes UK have notified healthcare professionals of the alternative treatments.”
She added “We are very disappointed about this withdrawal as it is not in the best interests of people with diabetes . However the important thing now is to ensure everyone affected is switched onto an alternative treatment before the medication is withdrawn.”
People who are still taking Mixtard are being recommended to check with their doctor as soon as possible to make sure they are moved onto an alternative treatment prior to the withdrawal of the drug.

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