Coroner confirms Casey Johnson death down to diabetes

According to international diabetes news, the death of Casey Johnson was down to untreated diabetes . The Los Angeles County coroner confirmed that the Johnson and Johnson heiress died of natural reasons that were linked to her diabetes .
The report made clear that Johnson may have been dead for two days before her body was found on January 4th. The autopsy report was made public yesterday, and answers media speculation about how the heiress died.
Casey Johnso, who was known as a socialite, reported had insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus which was poorly controlled. The coroner investigator reportedly commented: “They had recently gotten into a disagreement because the decedent had been misusing her insulin and taking large amounts of NyQuil to assist her in going to asleep. She had been estranged from her parents and because they had recently cut off her support she had to move our of her home.”
The cause of death was most likely diabetic ketoacidosis .

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