Patient concern over diabetes drug Avandia

Patients are understandably concerned following a fresh wave of concern about diabetes drug Avandia . The GlaxoSmithKline drug was the subject of a Senate Investigation that increased concerns about heart attack risks. So how should patients resond?
The executive director of the International Diabetes Centre in Minneapolis, Dr. Richard Bergenstal, claimed that the most important thing is for people with diabetes on medication to stay on their prescribed dose. Skipping doses due to the concerns could create huge healthcare problems and make diabetes more difficult to control. Bergenstal was reported as commenting: There are a lot of medications, and we can discuss the options. The last thing we want is someone to be stressed.”
Avandia is usually prescribed when diabetes is not responding to diet and exercise and first-line diabetes drug Metformin . At this stage, diabetes experts and the Food and Drug Administration are advising diabetes patients doing well on the drug to stay with it.

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