New diabetes treatments could be on the horizon next year, as the Food and Drug Administration in America prepares to meet with a range of clinical data. Usually, when the Food and Drug Administration approves a diabetes drug, European approval is also sought. Swedish biotechnological company Diamyd have a strong diabetes drug in their pipeline. The news comes fresh on the back of the approval of Victoza (Novo Nordisk) by the FDA earlier this week.
Diamyd are utilising two emerging technologies in their new diabetes vaccine . The first is based on a molecule (GAD65) that has been proven to slow down the destruction of beta cells that occurs in people with type 1 diabetes . The other technology will deliver a designated substance directly to the nerve cells within the body. The vaccine is raising hopes of an interesting new treatment pathway for people with diabetes .
At this stage, Diamyd have applied for a phase III trial in American, and a parallel phase III trials will be conducted in Europe during 2011. The president and CEO of Diamyd medical, Elisabeth Lindner, was reported in diabetes news : “The past quarter has been very eventful for Diamyd where the most important have been the completion of enrollment for the European Phase III study and the successful financing of the Company beyond study results. The additional capital allows us to negotiate agreements without financial pressure and gives us freedom to choose the best time-point for out-licensing of Diamyd.”

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