A new report issued by Diabetes UK and NHS Diabetes has set out a plan for how diabetes care should evolve in this country. It encourages those working in diabetes care should push through the necessary changes to provide appropriate psychological and emotional care and support as an integrated part of diabetes services.
The report, entitled “Emotional and Psychological Support and Care in Diabetes”, is based on the investigation by a working group into the current challenges of diabetes care, and offers guidance and recommendations in the commissioning, organisation of care, provision of services and workforce.
With the effect of diabetes on a person’s emotional and psychological wellbeing being immense, as well as a reported increase in anxiety and depression among diabetics, there are concerns that these factors can hinder the ability to self manage the condition.
The report highlights the need for increased provision of psychological services for people with diabetes in line with the clinical provision of services, and suggests that the emotional wellbeing and psychological assessment and interventions needs of people with diabetes should be prioritised. It also recommends that expert psychological care for people with diabetes should be provided by relevant diabetes professionals, and that the provision of services for those with diabetes should be looked at in a balanced way in terms of direct clinical care, supervision, education and training.
Anna Morto, who is director of NHS Diabetes, said “The effects of diabetes on the individual are complex. Diabetes is a long-term condition which requires careful self-management to minimise the risks of physical illness and complications. Different interventions are required depending on the type of diabetes and complexity of need.”

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