Treatment designed for gum disease could help diabetes

A dental treatment that is designed to lower inflammation could also reduce blood sugar and help people with diabetes to manage their condition. Serious gum disease in diabetics is more common, and treatment can also help to lower blood glucose, the research found.
A team at Edinburgh University found that lowering gum inflammation amongst people with diabetes could help to minimise the complications of diabetes . Bacteria infecting the mouth could cause chemical changes and lower the efficiency of insulin whilst raising blood glucose levels.
Dr. Terry Simpson reportedly commented: “This research confirms that there may be a link between serious gum disease and diabetes . It highlights the role dentists can play in managing the condition, given that gum disease is very treatable. By far the most important aspect of diabetes management is the use of insulin, drugs and diet to control blood sugar levels but maintaining good dental health is something patients and healthcare professionals should also recognise. Although the benefit in terms of insulin management is small, anything we can do to promote the wellbeing of people with diabetes should be welcomed.”

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