Seasonal flu jab allows diabetics to be vaccinated for free

With Autumn now underway, it’s recommended that people in high-risk groups, which includes diabetes, are vaccinated against the latest flu strain.
Influenza (flu) is a highly infectious virus and those with diabetes are more susceptible to developing complications of flu, such as chest infections, which can be serious. The NHS reports that about 600 people die each year from seasonal flu in the UK so it’s well worth being protected.
Whilst those who are not in high risk groups can expect to pay for their flu jabs (certain supermarkets are offering the jabs for as little as eight pounds), diabetics qualify for free vaccinations.
As well as being a serious condition in its own right, even a mild flu can be particularly awkward for people with diabetes as it can make blood glucose control significantly more difficult to manage. If you have not yet received a vaccination invite, contact your surgery to arrange a time.

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