New diabetes driving rules being brought forward

The DVLA have announced that are to bring forward amendments to key driving regulations involving people with diabetes, following an earlier EC directive. The move comes after a ministerial announcement last month that prioritised the rules on driving and diabetes for October this year, and will allow diabetics that treat their condition with insulin to apply for Group 2 category vehicles licences if they can meet specific criteria and have an annual independent medical assessment.
In addition, they will have to show sufficient control of their diabetes through the use of a blood glucose meter that has a memory function that can record blood glucose levels for at least three months before they put in their application.
It is thought that the regulation changes could also have an impact on the assessment criteria for people with diabetes that apply for a licence to drive cars and motorbikes, which are class 1 vehicles.
Simon O’Neill, director of care and advocacy at the charity Diabetes UK, commented “Individual medical assessment is the only fair and rational way to judge a person’s fitness to drive. Diabetes UK believes that all people with diabetes have the right to drive if they can prove their medical fitness.” The charity is hoping to meet with the transport minister Mike Penning to discuss the changes.

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