How will the VAT rise affect those with diabetes

As of today, VAT rose from 17.5 per cent to 20 per cent. Shoppers have been flocking to shops, as well as petrol stations, to purchase goods before the tax increase hits but how does it affect people with diabetes ?
The good news is that people with diabetes are eligible to claim exemption from VAT on diabetic products, which includes blood glucose testing supplies such as glucose monitors and blood testing strips . A printable exemption form can be downloaded from our VAT exemption page and taken to pharmacies when purchasing these goods.
The VAT increases mean that the majority of consumer goods will see an increase in price. In theory the increase in price should be just over 2 per cent, however, some retailers may take the tax increase as an opportunity to increase prices to over 5 per cent of their previous value.
Fortunately, healthy food items are zero-rated and therefore do not incur a VAT rise. Those foods that do incur a rise are those viewed as luxury items such as crisps and chocolate.

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