American lives with diabetes for 85 years

An American ma, Bob Krause, has broken the US record for the amount of years of living with diabetes . Krause, who has just celebrated his 90th birthday, has suffered from type 1 diabetes since he was five, and has seen a great deal of improvements in how the condition has been treated through his life.
He still tests his blood many times each day and takes his charts when visiting his doctor, Patricia Wu. She commented “I think that’s a testament of why he is successful in living with this very difficult to live with condition. Because of his persistence, his consistency, his hard work.”
Krause, an ex professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Washingto, himself admitted “I’m a stubborn old man. I refuse to give up.” He puts his success in managing his diabetes down to treating his body like a car and only eating enough food to carry out activities, rather than eating too often or for pleasure.
He was diagnosed with diabetes in 1926, not long after the insulin started to become available commercially; his younger brother died of diabetes because insulin wasn’t yet around, after being diagnosed a year earlier. His mother kept him on a strict diet and used to weigh all his food.
Now he is getting on a bit, Bob admits to needing less food or variation in diet, with breakfast consisting of a bowl of nuts and five pitted prunes, he doesn’t bother with lunch and has a salad with some lean meat for his dinner.

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