New treatment for animal diabetes uncovered

Researchers in the United States have developed a gadget for monitoring glucose levels in dogs in the same way as that of humans. The device, which carries out continuous glucose monitoring in dogs, which are susceptible to type 1 diabetes, aims to address the dramatic increase in the incidence of diabetes in dogs in the last few years.
Diabetes in dogs is usually treated in a similar way to humans, through insulin injections and a low-carbohydrate diet. The device is inserted into the skin to provide a constant monitoring of glucose concentrations, and help veterinarians improve their treatment decisions.
The use of continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) is now more common, especially in dogs suffering from diabetes that do not respond well to regular treatments . The clinical signs that dog exhibit with diabetes include hunger, weight loss, increased urination and thirst.
Researcher Amy DeClue, pointed out “Continuous glucose monitoring is much more effective and accurate than previous glucose monitoring techniques and has revolutionized how veterinarians manage diabetes in dogs .”
She added “The CGM gives us a complete view of what is happening in the animal in their natural setting. For example, it can show us if a pet’s blood glucose changes when an owner gives treats, when the animal exercises or in response to insulin therapy.”

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