NICE, The National Institute of Clinical Excellence, yesterday issued new guidelines to stem the rising prevalence of type 2 diabetes .
The guidance, ‘Preventing type 2 diabetes: population and community interventions’, was presented by the National Clinical Director for Diabetes, Dr Rowan Hilso, at the NICE Annual Conference in Birmingham.
The recommendations take a look at prevention from a holistic viewpoint, looking at many different areas of how type 2 diabetes could be prevented, with a particular focus on improving the outlook for South Asians, people of black African origin or communities on lower incomes.
The means to prevent type 2 diabetes include enabling the public to have better access to good quality, affordable food and take part in lifestyle related events. A further recommendation mentions the need to use a range of data including health records and the recent government census to identify communities at higher risk of pre-diabetes and therefore in more need of diabetes prevention schemes.
Actions suggested by the guidelines are to be carried out and supported by all levels of the NHS, involving a number of different sectors including the commercial and voluntary sectors and local authorities. The recommendations give suggestions and guidelines within which to follow but do not lay down specific actions as such and may need to be communicated more strongly to ensure that the suggested interventions take place.

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