Call for guidance on the artificial pancreas in the United States

A range of interested parties have lobbied the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States to provide transparent and useful guidance on the development of the artificial pancreas. The lobby group, which includes senators and clinicians, as well as patients suffering from type 1 diabetes, has called on the FDA to publish better information on the medical device, so that there are no unnecessary delays in its development.
In addition, a petition urging the FDA to push on with the development of the artificial pancreas has now gained more than 100,000 signatures, urging the draft guidance on the scientific consensus to be published on time to help diabetes patients. Some clinical experts have argued that the device is the most important development in the treatment of diabetes since the discovery of insulin.
Susan Collins, a republican senator, stated “The FDA guidance must truly lead to accelerated development and eventual regulatory approval of this key breakthrough technology which will ensure that those with type 1 diabetes can maintain better blood glucose control.”
Democrat Senator Jeanne Shaheen also commented “Many of us in Congress care deeply about type 1 diabetes, and know how life changing this technology could be for the millions of children and adults living with diabetes. The FDA has promised to issue guidance for research by the end of this year. For the good of those families dealing with this disease, the FDA must honor that commitment.”

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