For World Diabetes Day (14 November), the research charity Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) is organising a competition to allow 60 supporters with type 1 diabetes to visit parliament to lobby for greater awareness about the condition. The “Type 1 Parliament” will take place next year on April 25, and will provide an opportunity for the winners to discuss the condition with MPs and government officials.
The competition is being judged by chief executive of JDRF, Karen Addingto, MP Adrian Sanders and Caroline Horwood from the French pharma company, Sanofi, a sponsor. The judges are assessing more than 200 applications for the event, and aim to pick adults and children that have shown dedication to raising awareness about the condition, as well as a passion for encouraging more investment into research into type 1 diabetes.
George Dove from Mansfield, who is 13, has been chosen as co-chair for the event, along with Amy Wilton from Fareham, Hampshire, who is 16. Both suffer from type 1 diabetes, and are active in spreading awareness concerning the metabolic condition.
George admitted “This is such a fantastic opportunity; to have a voice at this kind of event is amazing. I just hope Parliament listens and together, hopefully, we can make a difference.” Amy also said “. I hope that in doing so we can prove to the Government that more money needs to be put aside for research into finding a cure for type 1 diabetes, as well as raising awareness of the condition.”

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