Supply of Apidra insulin affected until March

Patients on Apidra insulin (glulisine) may need to switch onto a different method or a different brand of insulin following a technical glitch in the manufacturing process in Frankfurt, Germany. Normal supply is expected to resume around March 2012.
The problems will affect anyone using the Optiset or SoloStar prefilled insulin pens and ClikStar cartridges.
The insulin, made by Sanofi Aventis, is the only medication affected. Users of Lantus and Insuman insulin won’t be affected. Separate vials (non-insulin pens) of Apidra have not been affected either and will continue to be available.
You may be required to switch insulin. Your doctor will be able to prescribe a suitable alternative. Most people should be able to switch without problems. In rare cases, where Apidra has been found to be the only suitable insulin, people are advised to speak with their GP about the issue.
Sanofi Aventis have set up a 24 hour support line, 0800 035 25 25, to answer questions and provide information about the supply shortages.

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