New NHS reforms criticised as putting diabetes patients at risk

The health charity Diabetes UK has warned that the government plans to reform the NHS could put the health of millions of patients across the country at risk. It is lobbying for a raft of changes to the Health and Social Care Bill so that people with diabetes do not lose out on important treatment and care.
They would like the new NHS Commissioning Board and clinical commissioning groups to be forced to report every year on how it is achieving their remit of ensuring integration of services for healthcare professionals to cooperate in the best interests of patients.
As well as that statutory requirement, Diabetes UK is also asking for Monitor, the new economic regulator, to be required to focus on integration of services ahead of competitive aspects of the service, and for patient groups to be involved in how healthcare services are organised.
Barbara Young, chief executive of the charity, commented “What matters in this debate is how these changes affect the patient. The issue is ensuring people have access to the care they need and services designed in a way that best suits them.”
She added “People with diabetes already need at least 14 different NHS services. Getting it right means they can lead long and healthy lives. Getting it wrong could mean amputation, kidney failure, blindness and a shorter life.

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