With global number of diabetes patients increasing dramatically, the news from China is that almost 10 per cent of adults in the country now suffer from the metabolic condition. The Chinese Health Education Center have stated that around 9.7 percent of Chinese who are 18 or over have developed diabetes, with the amount of patients now coming to around 97 million.
The study found that men were more likely to develop the disease than women, as 10.2 per cent of men have it as compared with only 9 per cent of women, and also that 19.6 per cent of the total are aged 60 or more. In addition, it was found that 12.3 per cent of people in urban areas have diabetes, as compared with 8.4 per cent of rural residents.
The research claimed that just over a third of diabetic adults in China were actually aware they suffered from the disease, and that only a third of people who had been treated for diabetes had successfully managed to control their blood sugar.
The number of Chinese adults with type 2 diabetes was also revealed to be on the rise, and that there was a general lack of knowledge in the country about the most effective ways of preventing and treating the condition, which was blamed on risk factors such as excessive alcohol consumptio, smoking, not enough exercise and a bad diet.

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