Study recommends treating diabetes and depression at same time

Researchers have claimed that treating type 2 diabetes and depression simultaneously brings benefits to both, adding further evidence regarding the link between the two conditions. Depression is a known risk factor for diabetes, while diabetes also raises the likelihood of depression.
The study, which involved 180 patients and was published in the journal Annals of Family Medicine, showed that almost 61 per cent of patients who received integrated care for both conditions, as well as a short programme on maintaining their treatments, experienced improved levels of blood sugar, and that nearly almost 59 per cent saw a reduction in their symptoms of depression.
For those people that received the regular primary care for the conditions, almost 36 per cent saw improved results on their blood sugar, while around 31 per cent experienced a reduction in depression symptoms
Lead author Hillary Bogner pointed out “Though research demonstrates the link between depression and diabetes, few integrated programs are being implemented in practice.”
He added “Our results demonstrate that integrated treatment for both conditions, combined with a brief program focused on adherence for primary care patients with type 2 diabetes and depression can result in a significant improvement in clinical outcomes. We hope the findings will encourage the adoption of adherence programs aimed at improving outcomes.”

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