Cellnovo takes diabetic insulin pump technology to the cloud

UK insulin pump producer, Cellnovo, has developed their insulin pump and blood glucose monitoring system to send results to a cloud-based diabetes management platform.
Cloud technology enables a number of different devices to access the same data. This would allow patients and doctors to share the data and would reduce the need for patients to keep a log of blood glucose results.
Cellnovo’s system uses an ultra low power radio signal to communicate data between the pump, mobile handset, featuring a blood glucose monitor, and an online management system, which can be accessed by the patient and doctor. The handset is responsible for regulating the insulin dosage delivered to the patient. Cellnovo is currently undertaking a UK trial of 100 patients with type 1 diabetes to assess how beneficial the wireless system is.
Cellnovo believes cloud technology will have a similar effect on diabetes management as iTunes has had on MP3 and App usage. Cellnovo’s CEO William McKeon states: “That’s the real seismic shift, moving from MP3 players to iTunes. The device has become less important. What’s most important is in the cloud, and it’s the same way with managing a patient.”

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