Popstar Amelia Lily is supporting a new children’s diabetes campaign by charity group Diabetes UK .
Launched today to coincide with World Diabetes Day, the 4 Ts is designed to help ensure parents and those who work with kids are aware of the four main symptoms of type 1 diabetes – frequently urinating (Toilet), excessive thirst (Thirsty), extreme fatigue (Tired) and sudden weight loss (Thinner).
The campaign, which comes after research suggested that nine out of ten parents are unaware of these signs, also aims to make people understand that a child who has any symptoms needs to visit a doctor immediately to get tested straight away, as onset of type 1 diabetes can be extremely quick.
Amelia Lily, who has lived with type 1 diabetes since the age of 3, said it’s vital that parents, carers, teachers and anyone else who looks after children know how to spot the signs of the disease.
“I feel very strongly that every parent and carer needs to know about Diabetes UK’s 4 Ts campaign,” the 18-year-old singer said.
“My symptoms included drinking a lot more than normal and going to the toilet a lot. I was very lucky as my nana realised what was wrong with me because my uncle had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 14.
“So many children are still getting really poorly before they are diagnosed and I want to help put a stop to that.”
Diabetes UK chief executive, Barbara Young, commented: “The stark reality is that a quarter of children with type 1 diabetes become seriously unwell before being diagnosed and we need to bring this appalling situation to an end.
“We hope the 4 Ts will make them easier to remember and so help ensure children with the condition get diagnosed at the right time.”

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