To mark World Diabetes Day (November 14), a new website has been launched to highlight the pioneering work carried out by diabetes researchers in the UK.
The ‘Focus on Diabetes’ site has been put together by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), the clinical research arm of the NHS, and focuses on the high quality research the NIHR is funding that contributes to the knowledge of diabetes care.
It includes resources for patients about what clinical trials are taking place, what it is like to participate in a clinical diabetes study, and how to get involved in research activity.
The mini website also features interviews with the “hidden heroes” of the NIHR research community, who work behind the scenes to offer NHS patients clinical research opportunities, improve scientific understanding of diabetes mellitus, and investigate ways to improve the prevention, management and treatment of the condition.
Dr Jonathan Sheffield, of the NIHR, said: “In some ways, the National Institute for Health Research is the best kept secret in the NHS. Patients benefit from the results of its work, but they don’t always know what goes into creating better treatment.
“Diabetes is a problem that affects huge numbers of people, so this is a great opportunity to tell patients what researchers are doing to help, and how to get involved.”
For more information on the NIHR’s work on diabetes research, visit

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