A man with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes faces a lengthy spell in jail after admitting to killing a former nurse while driving home from hospital.
The jury at the High Court in Glasgow heard how Brian Docherty mounted the pavement and struck Elizabeth McGuinness, 63, and her friend Barbara McCready, 64, as they were on their way home from a church service at Motherwell Cathedral on June 27, 2011.
Docherty lost control of his car after suffering a seizure, believed to be bought on by a severe drop in blood sugar levels (hypoglycaemia).
Advocate-depute Murdo MacTaggart told the court: “It appears the accused suffered a hypoglycaemic attack while he was driving.
“His low blood sugar level would have severely affected his ability to drive and he would have been close to passing out at the time of the incident.”
GP records show that the 45-year-old had a poor history of taking medication to control his diabetes, resulting in a number of hypo (hypoglycaemic) attacks.
But it was revealed that he had kept his condition secret from the DVLA as it would have resulted in the suspension of his driving licence.
“He did not notify the DVLA and he continued to hold a full licence,” Mr MacTaggart added.
Miss McGuinness was pronounced dead at the scene, having suffered extensive head and leg injuries, while Mrs McCready was hospitalised for three months with multiple fractures.
Docherty admitted causing death and serious injuries by dangerous driving in court and will be sentenced next month.

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