An insulin pen that remembers when it last delivered a dose has been given the all clear by America’s Food and Drug Administration.
Forgetting if an insulin injection has been given or not can present huge anxiety and lead to either dangerously high or low blood sugar levels unless blood glucose levels are monitored very often following such an incident.
Whilst forgetting whether an injection has been performed or not may seem strange to those without diabetes, with people with type 1 diabetes injecting several times a day, it is easily done to forget if an injection has been carried out or not. Furthermore, it can also be relatively common for an injection to be done but to have forgotten how many units of insulin were administered.
The NovoPen Echo helps tackle these important issues. The pen has a digital read out on the insulin pen showing how long ago the last injection was done as well as how many units were given.
The insulin was primarily aimed at children and features the ability to give half unit doses. The maximum dose that can be given is 30 units and so will be useful for a number of adults with type 1 diabetes as well.
People with diabetes in the UK that inject insulin from Novo Nordisk, such as NovoRapid and Levemir, have had the NovoPen available in the UK since 2012 but the release of the pen in the US may prove to be a good sign that Novo Nordisk will continue to provide support for the pen across other countries such as the UK.

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