The Animas Vibe insulin pump, with continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) compatibility, has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.
What is the Animas Vibe?
The new product from Animas, a division of Johnson and Johnso, is the first to incorporate the Dexcom G4 Platinum CGM technology, which will assist the management of people with insulin-requiring diabetes of 18 years and above.
The CGM technology samples interstitial fluid every five minutes, providing a trend of blood sugar levels and then allowing users to read data from the pump screen itself.
Users of the Animas Vibe can have basal insulin delivery pre-programmed, enabling precise insulin dosages to be delivered depending on blood glucose readings. A push of a button can pump in bolus insulin when appropriate.
The Animas Vibe insulin pump is completely waterproof for up to 12 feet for 23 hours. The transmitter of the Dexcom CGM is also water resistant up to eight feet for 24 hours.
Other features of the Animas Vibe include customised dosing, which allows for up to 12 personalised settings of insulin-to-carbs ratio and insulin sensitivity, as well as customisable alarms to indicate high or low blood glucose levels.
Release date
The Animas Vibe is available within the UK and its availability was widened to include children, between 2 and 17 years old in March 2014.
The company anticipates shipment patterns of the Animas Vibe insulin pump across Europen, Australia, New Zealand and Canada to begin in January 2015.

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