Welsh based company, Cellnovo, has launched an innovative, new insulin pump system in the UK.
Insulin pumps are a way in which people, dependent on insulin such as people with type 1 diabetes, can take insulin without needing to inject. Insulin pumps continuously deliver insulin into the body through the day and offer increased flexibility over injections because insulin delivery, including basal insulin, can be modified at the press of a few buttons.
Insulin pumps have insulin on board and are worn on the body through the day. Most insulin pumps are connected to the body via a length of tubing that delivers insulin from the pump to a cannula, a much smaller tube that is inserted just under the skin.
The Cellnovo System, is unique however, as it can be worn as either a patch pump, with no tubing, or as a pump with tubing. In addition to giving users choice over whether to use or not to use tubing, the system is also wireless, meaning that it can be controlled from a remote, touch-screen handset. One of the main advantages of this is that it means there’s less weight and bulk to have attached to your person.
As well as using the remote to control insulin delivery, the handset also works as a blood glucose meter. One of the advantages of this is that it automatically marries up insulin usage with your blood glucose results, helping you to make sense of the two together. You can also use the handset to log other important data, such as carbohydrate intake and physical activity. In addition, Cellnovo’s wireless technology allows this data to be easily transmitted to your laptop, computer or tablet, so you can view and analyse data in even more detail.
The Cellnovo System had been trialled in parts of Wales in late 2013 and will now be available through participating insulin pump clinics in 2014.

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