Actor and comedian Lenny Henry has revealed how a strict diet and dedicated exercise regime helped him to regain control of his health following a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.
The comedian may have described his condition as “a bit diabetic”, but he certainly didn’t dismiss the health risk. Following his diagnosis, Lenny lost three stone.
A three stone loss in body weight is never something that can happen overnight but as a result of diet and exercise it occurs steadily over time. Lenny Henry’s successful routine dates back to 2011, when the actor adopted a low carb diet combined with regular exercise.
Lenny Henry shunned bread, potatoes and rice and took in lean protein such as chicken and tuna. Whilst preparing for his role in Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors in 2011, he needed to put in 4 hours of physical activity as part of the first week of rehearsals. Following that, Lenny Henry kept to at least half an hour of Ashtanga yoga, Pilates, dance or military exercises.
As well as helping him physically perform on stage, Lenny also had a very personal motivation to not let diabetes beat him. His mother, Winifred had been diagnosed with diabetes and had suffered as a result; losing both legs to amputation before her death in 1998.
Lenny Henry has shown the success people can have if type 2 diabetes is diagnosed at an early stage and if serious and concerted action is taken to bring weight under control.

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