VetPen insulin pen for cats and dogs approved in the US

An insulin pen specifically designed for use in cats and dogs with diabetes has been approved for home use by the United States’ Food and Drug Administration.
The VetPe, from Merck Animal Health, makes injecting a pet with diabetes easier. The VetPe, which has the name Caninsulin VetPen outside of the US, works on many of the same principles used in human insulin pens.
It is important to note, however, that the insulin used, Vetsuli, is specific to your pet. Insulin for humans should not be used for your pet or vice versa.
The pen has a number of features designed to make injections easier. A cartridge of insulin sits within the pen. Doses are selected using a dial on the end of the pen and disposable needles are screwed onto the pen for each new injection.
There is no need to draw insulin from a vial with syringes which means that insulin doses are more accurate. The VetPen has a dose dial which ensures each unit of insulin is precise.
As insulin does not need to be drawn from a vial, this allows thinner and therefore less painful needles to be used. The VetPen also has a needle remover which prevents accidental needle stick injuries from occurring whilst removing the needle.
Two different versions of the VetPen are available: one which delivers doses in full doses and another which allows half unit doses to be selected. The Caninsulin VetPen is available in the UK. Ask your vet if you are interested in using the Caninsulin VetPen.

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