The Diabetes PA app is now available to download on Google Play Store and offers a new approach to diabetes management.
Diabetes PA, which is free to download, serves as a personal diabetes assistant. It was created with the help of 20,000 members of the community and allows users to assess various aspects of their health.
A key element of Diabetes PA is the vast range of levels that users can track and keep a record of. Blood glucose levels, medication, exercise, HbA1c, BMI, cholesterol and food intake can all be monitored. Having all this information available can improve your long-term control.
Diabetes PA is also one of the only diabetes management apps where you can track your blood glucose levels in comparison to your mood.
By looking at the app’s mastergraph, you can view your progress and tell the app what management aspects you want to compare.
This can also save you time with your doctor. By creating reports of your diabetes management, these can be downloaded and sent to your doctor or saved to a PDF and printed.
To stay motivated and achieve your goals, you can set yourself targets and share results with your friends and family. This can be done on Facebook and Twitter.
Diabetes PA is easy to use and completely customisable. Wherever you are in the world, you can select the units to suit what you are doing.
Diabetes PA is currently being updated for the latest version of iOS.

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