Two unofficial apps have been made available to Android Wear users which allow people with diabetes to access continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) on their wrist.
The two apps, xDrip and NightWatch plug into the Dexcom G4 system for the Apple Watch, which can monitor blood glucose levels every five minutes.
The apps, reportedly created by a developer called Stephen Black, are available to download now from Android Wear.
The xDrip app allows owners of Dexcom Share receivers to send data over Bluetooth. After going through the set up instructions, entering your 10 character Dexcom receiver serial number will enable you to see your blood glucose data in the Android app.
NightWatch, the second part of the inventio, lets users receive this information directly on your smartwatch. This information is streamed to your wrist courtesy of Android Wear.
While NightWatch provides users with updated blood glucose levels in real time, every five minutes, there is a scrollable graph that shows your readings over the last 24 hours and alerts that inform users when pre-set limits have been exceeded.
Customisable high and low levels for graphs and four watchfaces are among the other features, with apps such as these providing a convenience for people who regularly test their blood.

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