First CGM integrated touchscreen insulin pump approved by FDA

The t:slim G4 has become the first touchscreen insulin pump with integrated continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) capability to be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
The t:slim insulin pump is manufactured by Californian company Tandem Diabetes Care and features integration with G4 continuous glucose monitoring sensors from Dexcom.
The t:slim allows real time glucose results to be viewed, in colour, on the pump and the touchscreen helps with easier navigation of menus. Despite being small enough to fit in trouser pockets, the pump has a 300 unit reservoir.
Prior to this new development, the Animas Vibe had been the only insulin pump to be directly integrated with Dexcom’s popular G4 sensors. In terms of other insulin pumps with CGM integration, Medtronic’s MiniMed 640G has direct integration with Medtronic’s Enlite sensors.
Kim Blickenstaff, CEO of Tandem Diabetes Care, stated: “The addition of t:slim G4 to our product family allows us to address a wider variety of diabetes management needs through the broadest range of insulin pump options available from one company.”
To date, there is no information on when or whether the t:slim G4 might become available in Europe or the UK. will bring you news of any developments as to whether the pump will be launched in the UK.

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