Diabetes doctors to experience hypoglycemia effects at major event

Healthcare professionals attending a major diabetes conference will get to experience what it feels like to suffer from hypoglycemia.
November’s Diabetes Professional Care 2017 (DPC2017) conference will have a simulation station where doctors can be experience the symptoms of low blood sugar.
A virtual reality headset will be available to wear which will copy some of the common symptoms people usually experience during low blood sugar. These include blurred vision, disorientatio, trouble focusing and dizziness.
It is hoped the Hypo Hub will give healthcare professionals, who treat people with type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes, a greater insight into the condition.
Healthcare professionals will also get the opportunity to attend a series of workshops about hypoglycemia to learn about how it can impact people’s lives. Another workshop will focus on how important the role of the healthcare professional is in preventing and treating severe hypoglycemia, and how much it can cost the NHS.
DPC, llaunched in 2015, is a two-day conference in London for healthcare professionals who are involved in diabetes care. The event is free and focuses on real-world, practical education and innovative diabetes healthcare solutions.
A key topic which will be discussed this year is the impact of hospital admissions on diabetes control, while specialist sessions at a foot and wound clinic will also take place. Other topics will include ‘obesity in practice and diabetes prevention’, and ‘diabetes technologies and research’.
DPC2017 will take place on Wednesday 15 November and Thursday 16 November at Olympia, London.
For more information on learning how to prevent and understand the causes of hypos, visit the Hypo Training Program.

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