Chloe Little, bassist for South London alternative rock band INHEAVEN has spoken about her recent diagnosis of type 1 diabetes.
The band, which have built a following through touring, including festival spots at Reading, Leeds and Glastonbury, is set to release its debut album in September.
Chloe has told her type 1 diabetes story, in The Independent, after her diabetes was surprisingly brought up in a Facebook Live question and answer session. The bassist was left stunned as she hadn’t told anyone but her family about her very recent diagnosis.
Whilst the question felt like an invasion of her privacy, Chloe has decided to open up about what the condition means to her, stating “…it may have just been a coincidence and a ‘sign’ to push me into facing my new reality in a public forum.”
At first, the diagnosis unhinged her. With the band on the verge of releasing its debut album, following years of dreaming and working towards it, Chloe felt like the life-changing condition would ruin her chances of enjoying this key musical milestone.
However, Chloe soon adjusted to her new routine of regular injections and blood tests, reflecting that “Being strong is something us girls in bands are good at.”
Type 1 diabetes is one of the most difficult health conditions to manage because so much of life with the condition involves striking a careful balance. Unperturbed, Chloe offers the following way of looking at things: “I realised quite quickly that I have to get on with this, look this disease straight in the face and be brave. I’m not going to let it change my life, I’m still going to continue what I’m doing and get to where I want to be. I have to, not just for me but for every other young girl or boy who has to live with this condition.”
She’s determined to keep living her life on her terms and feels no need to hide her diabetes. No injecting in festival toilets for Chloe. The musician also spoke out about the gratitude she has for the NHS and how within 48 hours, she went from a life-threatening condition to being in control of it: “Never forget how fortunate we are in this country to have such an amazing service, we must respect it.”
INHEAVEN’s debut album will be released on 1 September and, if you have tickets to the Reading festival, you can see Chloe and INHEAVEN play the NME/BBC Radio 1 Stage on Saturday 26 August.

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