A six-year-old boy has been hailed a hero for saving his mum’s life after she collapsed on the kitchen floor and fell into a diabetic coma.
Cyra Apperley (pictured, right) has type 1 diabetes and relies on insulin to control her blood sugar levels. Last week, her blood sugar levels dipped so low that she passed out at home from a severe hypo.
Her son Max (pictured, left) stepped in to help her by calling the emergency services, remembering the advice his mum had written down on a note – even though he couldn’t find the note itself.
Max rang 999 and was able to tell the operators exactly what had happened, even remembering their full address in Godalming, Surrey, despite the fact they had only recently moved in to the property.
Speaking to local radio station Eagle, he said: “I remembered it from Mummy’s sticky note even though I couldn’t find it. They said to me they’re going to send two people round to help.”
Thanks to Max’s quick thinking, ambulance staff were able to respond in good time and treat Cyra.
Cyra, aged 37, added: “He knew to get my phone and tell them that I was diabetic and he even knew the address for the house. Luckily, I’d pinned it on the door a couple of days before.
“It can’t be nice seeing your mum having a fit on the floor. His father (Mark Apperley) got him a trophy that says ‘Mummy’s Hero’. I’m just blown away, he’s amazing.”
It can be hard to explain diabetes to your child, particularly as it might cause them to worry. But teaching your child the symptoms of a hypo can be important in helping them understand how certain behaviours can be indicative of low blood sugar.
You and your family could also benefit from joining the Hypo Training Program, a free education program that helps teach users about the causes of hypos and how they can be best spotted, treated and prevented..
Picture: Eagle Radio

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