Dexcom sets sight on artificial pancreas with acquisition of TypeZero Technologies company

Benedict Jephcote
Tue, 28 Aug 2018
Dexcom sets sight on artificial pancreas with acquisition of TypeZero Technologies company
Dexcom has its sights set on being a leader in artificial pancreas technology after acquiring TypeZero Technologies, a company that has a system designed to manage and regulate insulin delivery from insulin pumps.

With the acquisition, Dexcom puts itself in a position to be a major player in the development of artificial pancreas technology. The companies are confident that they'll have an automated insulin delivery system within 2019.

It is exciting, for people with type 1 diabetes in particular, that artificial pancreas technology is becoming a major focus of some of the largest diabetes technology companies.

TypeZero Technologies is a company that came out of the University of Virginia. The company has developed a mobile app and insulin regulation system called inControl.

The system is able to stop insulin delivery when low blood sugar levels are predicted to occur and to deliver bolus doses if blood sugar levels go too high. TypeZero provides a diabetes management platform for people with diabetes and a platform for use by healthcare professionals.

TypeZero has been working with a number of insulin pump companies, including Tandem Diabetes Care and Cellnovo. TypeZero has been working with Tandem Diabetes Care since 2016. An automated insulin delivery system looks set to include Dexcom's CGM technology, Tandem's t:slim X2 insulin pump and TypeZero's inControl diabetes management system.

The plan is to allow TypeZero's inControl system to be compatible with a number of different insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors (CGMs). This would mean that the system would be plug and play and would be accessible to a wide range of people, not just those with a specific pump and CGM combination.

There are already a number of diabetes firms and universities working on artificial pancreas technology. Having a large, forward-thinking firm like Dexcom will widen the possibilities for people with diabetes and continue to push technology development further as firms compete to improve.
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