A top nutritionist is urging people to switch to a low carb, high fat diet in order to put their type 2 diabetes into remission.
Nutritionist and author Patrick Holford says poor diets and a lack of nutritional education are to blame for high type 2 diabetes rates across Europen, but eating healthily can reverse this.
The author of 37 books including The Low GL-Diet Bible, Holford also said following a healthy eating plan can also help beat heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.
Holford is a big advocate of following a diet low on the Glycemic Load (GL), a system which helps measure how food portions affect blood sugar levels.
Rather than taking medication on repeat, Holford insists that following a low-GL diet, low in carbs and high in healthy fat, can be of more use in preventing and helping people reverse type 2 diabetes.
“If every recently diagnosed diabetic, or pre-diabetic was prescribed not drugs but education – attending a half day workshop run by a nutritional therapist,” Holford told the Irish Sun newspaper.
“They’d show how to eat a low-GL diet, tasting great foods and meals, simple to make, and meet other former diabetics who had reversed their diabetes, lost weight and felt great.”
He added that cases of type 2 diabetes and dementia could be halved if people were given proper nutritional advice and for those who already have type 2, they could reverse their diagnosis if they focus on eating healthy low carb foods.
“We’ve even had type 1 diabetics, insulin-dependent, reduce their insulin need by 75%. The officially recommended diet for diabetes – a low fat, high carb, lower calorie diet is spectacularly wrong. You need a low carb, high fat diet,” he concluded.
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